One Light In The Darkness

*Currently in Progress*

Right now we are working on Yogg-Saron without any assistance from Freya,Hodir & Mimiron.  Coming from a guild that was able to defeat Firefighter in no more than 8 or 9 pulls, this encounter has started to build up frustration in our guild.  I’ve heard it from all over our server that this fight should be much easier than Mimiron hard mode, and that is probably what frustrates me the most.  Coming from a Holy Paladin who never enters the brain room, it is hard for me to see exactly where improvement can be made, however, we still have a lot of improvement to be made outside.  In the end, it comes down to staying alive, first and foremost. I have a theory about this encounter that goes a little something like this:  Yogg-saron with 4 keepers up (easy mode) is exactly that, it is easy. Infact, it is too easy, a few weeks ago we had 3 people die and still managed to finish it. You should not be able to have almost 1/3 of your raid die (before phase 3) and still win. Now with that in mind, people start attempting yogg-saron hard mode forgeting all of the lovely buffs and sanity wells that are provided and things start falling apart. (End rant)

We’ll be making more attempts tonight. Hopefully my new screenshot of the day will be of my new rusted-proto drake and not of someone standing in the middle of a gas cloud.


They Love Me in That Tunnel

They Love Me in That Tunnel

I’ll start off this new blogging adventure with my most recent in-game accomplishment, that for the record I admit was the most boring grind yet.  Granted I haven’t made many rep grinds since I started this game, this one toggled with my brain. I swear I was seeing Furblogs in my sleep, sincerely though, owning a small village of them does have a little sense of accomplishment at the end.  Luckily it was also the last step in completing the little meta-achievement I have working on, “The Diplomat”.

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